Arletta L. Moore a visionary with a mind and heart for serving and helping others. A Detroit, native, she is a self-publishing author, inspirational and motivational speaker. She has a MBA from the University of Phoenix as well as a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from Grambling State University. She worked in Corporate America for 15 years, assisting with improving quality processes for several Fortune 500 Companies to increase their profitability. Although she was very successful in her Corporate Job, her true passion is to share her story of the abuse she faced as a young child in her biological home. Arletta’s goal is to show others how to use their past as motivation for a better future.  Although Arletta grew up in an abusive home as a young child, she did not become a product of her environment. She was determined to improve her life for the better.

After being adopted at the age of 9, Arletta learned how to slip into an imaginative world. She would daydream everyday about a life that was free from fear and pain. Some days she would journal about her pain as a way to escape the torment of abuse. Little did she know, that little imagination began to help launch her true purpose in life. Arletta’s mission in life is to inspire and impact audiences all over the world that faced with limiting choices based on their past.

Arletta is also the Co-Founder of Sistergirl Dream Big, LLC, a company that empowers women to live the life they deserve by conducting an intense 1 day workshop that helps them to move from mediocrity to dreaming big. Arletta enjoys reading, writing, art, photography and helping others to live their dreams. She currently resides in Atlanta, Ga with her husband Gerald Moore.